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Ice cream for all tastes

Whether ice cream is in a waffle cone, on a stick, as a sandwich, in a box or cup, or in new and unusual product shapes: we create ice cream creations for every taste and produce the most popular, and best-selling ice cream varieties for our customers.

We combine our experience with the best ingredients, the most diverse recipes, flavours and combinations, the most varied product shapes and packaging, as well as the most modern technology, to always be able to offer you an optimal product.

Due to our wide range of products, we can also find individual solutions that are precisely tailored to your specific market requirements and ideas. And if you wish, we can also provide you with the appropriate product strategy to promote sales.

Ice cream enjoyment in a waffle cone

For our crispy wafer creations, you can choose a single or up to three ice cream flavours combined “side by side”, which can also be refined with fruity sauces and toppings as well as chocolate and nut pieces.

Different filling techniques allow us to consider your individual wishes regarding flavour combinations, wafer formats and crown shapes. In the volume range from 90 to 120 ml, we offer our wafer cones with various ingredients and deliver them as required in multipacks or as impulse ice cream.

Creative ice cream on a stick variations

There are virtually no limits to imagination and creativity when it comes to enjoying ice cream on a stick – we can combine up to three types of ice cream in a visually appealing form with delicious ingredients. Chopped hazelnuts, swirled fruit sauces, but also core fillings such as nougat, fruit or cookie pieces are extremely popular.

Depending on your wishes, we provide these specialities with different coatings of chocolate or fruit sorbet. Combinations of several layers are also possible on request. Thanks to the latest filling techniques, we can supply our ice cream sticks in various volume sizes from 38 to 120 ml as impulse ice cream and in multipacks for the freezer.

Sandwich ice cream: ice cream treat between two waffles

In many variations, our sandwich creations in different shapes and flavours provide enjoyable variety.

Depending on the target group, we develop your individual sandwich, e.g., “Moscow style” with whipped cream ice cream, square or rectangular and with different coatings. Our sandwich classic is available in volumes of 85 to 95 ml and 130 to 160 ml in multipacks or as impulse ice cream.

Ice cream treat in a cup or box

Ambitious taste creations that should also score with a high-quality presentation find their ideal packaging format as ice cream in a cup or in a box. Basically, we can combine several types of ice cream in a dotted, strudel or layered look and add sauce accents of fruit, caramel, and chocolate.

Chunky ingredients, core fillings and various toppings are also added according to your wishes and turn your sundae into your very own individual creation. Depending on your preferences, we fill your ice cream in cup sizes from 100 to 750 ml and in boxes from 1000 to 2500 ml.

Individual Ice Cream Solutions

Individual products for your requirements

In addition to our comprehensive range of strong-selling ice cream brands and popular flavours, we also manufacture customised products on request that are precisely tailored to your specific market requirements and individual ideas. We are also happy to develop the matching, sales-promoting product strategy for this on request.